When The Smoke Clears

When The Smoke Clears

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C. Chilove


I was very impressed with how simply and effortlessly C. Chilove can tell this addicting, multi-layered story with well-developed world building and great characters and still manage to make romance feel so fresh! Problem with so many of these types of books (dealing with soul mates/ past lives, etc…) that I find is that they really are just super hard to really believe, or worse, just a retelling of the same tired plots. But even with the borderline-mystical vibe of the storyline we are all in, hooked on every scene, as I thought Alonna and Donovan’s romance was not only hot, but beautiful and believable. It definitely was not without its complications! I like Chilove’s writing style very much-- very descriptive and passionate and with great chemistry. An engaging and intoxicating read all through to the end that feels familiar enough to fit well in the genre, but fresh enough to keep us interested. Love the ending – it wraps up well but makes us want even more… will there be? Recommend for mature readers as there is an erotic element and adult scenes.
- Sherri on Januray 4, 2017


"Unlocked: Rekindled Flames” by C. Chilove has to be one of the most original and compelling novels I’ve read in a while. I was completely drawn in from the get-go, and absolutely loved Chilove’s narrative voice of being inside Alonna’s POV, and the way she does such great dialogue with the characters. And Donovan is so HOT (swoon!!!)It’s not overdone where we know every last bit but you more FEEL like you really know them. The prose and narrative were some of the best I’ve encountered lately in any genre (not just for ‘romance’) –but beautiful and descriptive and with a literary flow. You cannot fake that, and Chilove has it in spades. It was an emotional, sexxxxxy, and compelling ‘journey’ from the intriguing beginning to the end, and not one I’ll soon forget. There are some minor proofing and editing issues, nothing too terrible. Would love to read more from this author in the future!


In one word, this book is AMAZING! It’s realistic and pleasantly controversial context, climatic twists, and romantic theme has my mind doing triple-double-somersaults. It has awakened a part of me that has been asleep for a very long time. It has restored my belief in pure love — despite the journey required. Unlocked is a breath of fresh air. It’s evocation of feelings, thoughts, and convictions shined light in dark places. I am grateful, and I can’t wait to see what else C. Chilove has in store for us.
- Regina Harrison on September 12, 2016

C. Chilove

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Do you believe in soulmates? Author C. Chilove certainly does – or, at least her characters Alonna and Donovan do.  C. Chilove’s debut novel, Unlocked: Rekindled Flames, tells the story of a couple who have loved and lost each other throughout a lifetime. It’s a mix of romance, erotica, and fantasy that has netted the sexy author a solid 5-star rating!

Read on as the Southern native speaks on centering women of color in her stories, escapism in romance, and why sex on every page is not her style!

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