UNLOCKED: Rekindled Flames

UNLOCKED: Rekindled Flames

UNLOCKED: Rekindled Flames

UNLOCKED: Rekindled Flames

Alonna Carrington, tied too long to her dead fiancé’s memory, has lost all belief in love. Prepared to replace hope with pleasure, her chance encounter with a mysterious media mogul rekindles a distant memory and a desire she craves beyond control.

Donovan Derbinay has dreamed of Alonna for all eternity…and that isn’t his only secret. So much more than a soulmate, she is his Twin Flame. Yet she doesn’t remember their love or their shared lives or how tragedies have taken her from him time after time.

But this life is different from the others, and Donovan must unlock Alonna’s heart and awaken the memories of their shared past before the flame of their spellbound hearts is extinguished forever.

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I close my eyes. “No,” I whisper. “Ple—” I spin, feeling my breasts nip the lapels of his suit and look him in the face. “It’s unattractive to beg.” “Most women would have been thrilled and opened any gift I presented.” Donovan’s face loses emotion. He steps back…

Leading Roles

Leading Male

Donovan Derbinary

Donovan Derbinay is not just a wealthy media mogul. He’s handsome, dashing, charismatic…and searching for his Twin Flame. A chance encounter brings him face-to-face with the beautiful, intelligent, and sexy Alonna Carrington. Now, he must unlock the love that has been between them since their original existence and set their souls free.

Leading Male

Alonna Carrington

Alonna Carrington is a beautiful, intelligent, and successful business woman who has everything …except love. The untimely death of her fiancée has left her tormented. To cope with heartbreak she’s locked her heart away and hidden the key to ensure no one else ever gets close. Until an alluring chance encounter brings her face to face with the handsome, dashing, and charismatic Donovan Derbinay.

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